NHL Trade Deadline Outcome

D Michael Stone to Calgary from Arizona for a 2017 3rd RD and Conditional 2018 5th RD Pick

  • Conditions: Arizona only receives Calgary’s 5th RD Pick in 2018 if Stone re-signs with Calgary before July 1
  • 19 regular season games: 2 goals, 4 assists, +5 rating, 18:51 average ice time, 45.5 CF%
  • 4 playoff games: 1 goal, -1 rating, 18:46 average ice time

Trade Grade:

  • Calgary: B+; Stone helped solidify a questionable defense for the Flames and it cost the team very little in assets to acquire him.  I think that they make an attempt to re-sign him this offseason, meaning that 5th RD Pick will go to Arizona
  • Arizona: B+; The Coyotes were able to get assets in return for a defenseman on an expiring contract; that’s good. I think they could have gotten more based on what the Rangers gave up for Brendan Smith

D Ron Hainsey to Pittsburgh from Carolina for prospect Danny Kristo and a 2017 2nd RD Pick

Ron Hainsey:

  • 16 regular season games: 3 assists, +8 rating, 21:00 average ice time, 47.8 CF%, 14 hits, 28 blocks
  • 25 playoff games: 2 goals, 6 assists, +5 rating, 6.9 S%, 21:07 ATOI, 37 hits, 44 blocks

Danny Kristo:

  • 14 regular season games (with Carolina’s AHL team): 4 goals, 6 assists, -3 rating
  • 5 playoff games: 1 assist, -2 rating

Trade Grade:

  • Pittsburgh: A-; Hainsey has developed into one of Pittsburgh’s most consistent and dependable defensemen in the playoffs, especially with injuries to Kris Letang and Trevor Daley.  Giving up a 2nd RD Pick and a low end prospect isn’t a lot to pay for someone who has performed as well as Hainsey has
  • Carolina: B+; Hainsey was on an expiring contract and is a veteran and freeing up his roster spot allows a younger defenseman to receive playing time.  They got a 2nd RD Pick out of it and did a solid by sending Hainsey to a Stanley Cup contender.  I do think that perhaps they could have gotten a better return for him

RW Patrick Eaves to Anaheim from Dallas for a Conditional 2017 2nd RD Pick

  • Conditions: Pick became a 1st rounder when Anaheim reached the Conference Finals
  • 20 regular season games: 11 goals, 3 assists, +8 rating, 51.7 CF%, 15.3 S%
  • 7 playoff games: 2 goals, 2 assists, Even Rating, 10.5 S%

Trade Grade:

  • Anaheim: A-; Eaves was one of Anaheim’s best offensive threats after being acquired by the Ducks and average more than half a goal per game with them.  He was injured in the playoffs but was contributing quite a bit before being injured.  The Ducks paid a large price to get him but it is worth it if they end up reaching and winning the Stanley Cup
  • Dallas: A+; Eaves was one of the few bright spots for the Stars this season and they were able to flip him for a pick that became a 1st rounder.  I doubt anyone thought that Patrick Eaves would garner a 1st RD Pick at the start of the season

G Ben Bishop, 2017 5th RD, and a Conditional 2017 Pick to Los Angeles from Tampa Bay for G Peter Budaj, prospect Erik Cernak, and a 2017 7th RD Pick

Conditions: We don’t yet know what the 2017 Conditional Pick is but that it had the potential to turn into a 2nd RD Pick if “extraordinary measures occurred.” This probably means if the Kings had won a Stanley Cup or reached the Conference Finals

G Ben Bishop:

  • 6 regular season starts: 2-3-2 record, 2.49 GAA, .900 save percentage

G Peter Budaj:

  • 4 regular season starts: 3-1-0 record, 2.80 GAA, .898 save percentage

D Erik Cernak:

  • 50 regular season games with OHL’s Erie Otters: 3 goals, 18 assists, +31 rating

Trade Grade:

  • Tampa Bay: B; The Lightning needed to get rid of Bishop and it was better to get something rather than nothing for him. I’m really surprised that they couldn’t have gotten more than a late round pick for him but I do think that Erik Cernak has a lot of potential and fills a very big hole on defense for the Lightning
  • Los Angeles: C-; This trade made no sense to me for the Kings.  They acquired Bishop to be Jonathan Quick’s backup and he didn’t end up playing well for the Kings and they failed to make the playoffs regardless.  Bishop actually played about as well as Peter Budaj did in Tampa after the trade and that means they gave up a defense prospect for the same caliber of goaltender as the one they already had

C Martin Hanzal, C Ryan White, 2017 4th RD Pick to Minnesota from Arizona for prospect Grayson Downing, 2017 1st RD, 2018 2nd RD, and a Conditional 2019 4th RD Pick

Conditions: Pick had the potential to increase in value if the Wild advanced in the playoffs with the highest value being a 2nd round pick. It will remain a 4th rounder

C Martin Hanzal:

  • 20 regular season games: 4 goals, 9 assists, -2 rating, 58.6 CF%, 57.8 FO%
  • 5 playoff games: 1 goal, -2 rating, 57.5 FO%

C Ryan White:

  • 19 regular season games: 2 goals, 1 assist, -8 rating, 52.2 CF%, 40.0 FO%
  • 3 playoff games: 0 goals, 0 assists, Even rating, 50.0 FO%

C Grayson Downing:

  • 12 regular season games with Arizona’s AHL team: 2 goals, 2 assists, -3 rating

Trade Grade:

  • Minnesota: B-; I like this move for the Wild on the surface, considering both Hanzal and White addressed the team’s need at center and helped bring a lot of depth to their lineup. I think they paid a very heavy price for two rental players, especially considering they were ousted in the first round
  • Arizona: A+; I love that the Coyotes were able to get three picks for Hanzal and White when both are free agents this summer.  That is a lot of value considering they were most likely going to let both walk after the season and I don’t think they would have gotten a better offer from another team at the deadline

C Brian Boyle to Toronto from Tampa Bay for C Byron Froese and a Conditional 2017 2nd RD Pick

Conditions: The Lightning will acquire Toronto’s highest 2nd RD Pick since they have three of them this year. They will receive Toronto’s original 2nd RD Pick

C Brian Boyle:

  • 21 regular season games: 0 goals, 3 assists, -2 rating, 49.5 CF%, 51.0 FO%
  • 6 playoff games: 0 goals, 2 assists, -2 rating, 62.0 FO%

C Byron Froese:

  • 4 regular season NHL games: 0 goals, 0 assists, -3 rating, 47.5 CF%, 52.8 FO%
  • 6 regular season games with Tampa’s AHL team: 3 goals, 4 assists, -3 rating
  • 2 AHL playoff games: 0 points, -1 rating

Trade Grade:

  • Toronto: B+; Toronto showed good faith in its roster by acquiring veteran help at the trade deadline and should be seen as a reward for well the team played all season long.  Boyle had 100 playoff games under his belt before the trade and that kind of experience is so valuable to a young locker room.  It didn’t cost Toronto much since they had three total 2nd RD picks in this year’s draft.  I think that there is also a chance that they re-sign him this offseason
  • Tampa Bay: A-; Tampa Bay simply needed to move out expiring contracts at the deadline since they weren’t going to be a playoff team.  That’s what they did with this move and they acquired a 2nd RD pick in return, which is a lot

D Jordie Benn to Montreal from Dallas for D Greg Pateryn and a 2017 4th RD Pick

D Jordie Benn

  • 13 regular season games: 2 goals, -1 rating, 16:50 average ice time, 52.3 CF%
  • 6 playoff games: 0 points, -3 rating, 20:20 average ice time

D Greg Pateryn

  • 12 regular season games: 3 assists, -2 rating, 17:31 average ice time, 48.6 CF%

Trade Grade:

  • Montreal: B; Benn was one of Montreal’s best defensemen down the stretch and in the playoffs, logging quite a bit of ice time each game.  He brought a tough style of game that their defense had been lacking and Montreal didn’t have to give up much to acquire him
  • Dallas B+; The Stars made the correct move by moving out Benn at the deadline since he is a free agent this offseason.  They didn’t get a lot in return with a 4th RD Pick and Pateryn was simply brought over in return to fill the void left by Benn’s absence.  The 4th RD Pick was used by Dallas to acquire goaltender Ben Bishop from the Kings

LW Alex Burrows to Ottawa from Vancouver for prospect Jonathan Dahlen

LW Alex Burrows:

  • 20 regular season games: 6 goals, 5 assists, +6 rating, 46.4 CF%
  • 15 playoff games: 0 goals, 5 assists, Even Rating

 FWD Jonathan Dahlen:

  • 45 games with his team in Sweden: 25 goals, 19 assists, +14 rating

Trade Grade:

  • Ottawa: B; I thought that the trade for Burrows in itself was a great move for the Senators, especially with how productive he was for them in the regular season and how well he has been performing so far in the playoffs.  What I didn’t get was the Senators then giving him a two-year deal that includes a no-trade clause.  I also don’t know what to say about the quality of prospect they gave up for Burrows except that he was worth a 2nd RD Pick last year and has put up good numbers in Sweden
  • Vancouver: B+; I think this was a very smart move by the Canucks to find a team willing to give up a talented prospect for Burrows.  Dahlen has the potential to develop into a top six forward and could be very important to the Canucks rebuild

D Kevin Shattenkirk and G Pheonix Copley to Washington from St. Louis for LW Zach Sanford and FWD Brad Malone, 2017 1st RD, and Conditional 2019 2nd RD Pick

Conditions: The conditions of this trade are sort of confusing but basically had the Capitals made it to the Eastern Conference Finals or if they re-sign Shattenkirk, then the Blues receive a 2019 2nd RD Pick.  If Shattenkirk is traded by the Capitals on or before July 1, then the Blues receive at least a 7th RD Pick but it could become as high as a 3rd RD Pick.

D Kevin Shattenkirk

  • 19 regular season games: 2 goals, 12 assists, +4 rating, 20:12 average ice time, 54.3 CF%
  • 13 playoff games: 1 goal, 5 assists, -4 rating, 18:27 average ice time

G Pheonix Copley

  • 16 regular season games with Washington’s AHL team: 16 GP, 2.15 GAA, .931 save percentage
  • 9 playoff games: 2.13 GAA, .933 save percentage

LW Zach Sanford

  • 13 regular season games: 2 goals, 3 assists, +2 rating, 45.0 CF%
  • 4 playoff games: 0 points, Even Rating

FWD Brad Malone

  • 19 regular season games with St. Louis’ AHL team: 4 goals, 4 assists, +3 rating

Trade Grade:

  • Washington: C;  Washington went all-in on a Stanley Cup this season and trading for Shattenkirk was part of that decision. He was the best player available at the deadline and went to the best team.  They gave up their 1st RD Pick for him, which wouldn’t have been a big deal had the Capitals won a Stanley Cup, but since they didn’t advance past the second round, this trade was a massive disappointment.  It also didn’t help matters that Shattenkirk wasn’t very good in the playoffs, turning the puck over quite a bit
  • St. Louis: B+;  St. Louis did what it had to do at the deadline by letting Shattenkirk go.  They got a 1st RD Pick back with the potential for more, plus a prospect in Zach Sanford, which is a lot more than they would have gotten had they waited until the summer to trade his rights.  The Blues still managed to make the playoffs and even won a round but you have to question how far the Blues could have gone if Shattenkirk had remained on the team

D Brendan Smith to the Rangers from Detroit for a 2017 3rd RD and a 2018 2nd RD Pick

D Brendan Smith

  • 18 regular season games: 1 goal, 3 assists, +2 rating, 20:10 average ice time, 49.3 CF%
  • 12 playoff games: 0 goals, 4 assists, +8 rating, 19:41 average ice time

Trade Grade:

  • New York: A-;  Ideally, the Rangers would have been able to acquire Kevin Shattenkirk as they need defensive help towards the end of the season.  However, it seems like a foregone conclusion that they are going to sign him this offseason so why give up draft picks at the deadline for him. Instead, they gave up a lot less in value to acquire a defenseman in Smith who played as well as Shattenkirk did.  Smith was actually the Rangers’ best defensemen in the playoffs and I think they should strongly consider re-signing him this summer
  • Detroit: A; The Red Wings were able to flip a defensive defensemen for two higher draft picks which was not much of a dropoff from what St. Louis received for Kevin Shattenkirk.  Since they were not going to make the playoffs, it was very smart for them to let go of any expiring contracts, which they did.

LW Jannik Hansen to San Jose from Vancouver for prospect W Nikolay Goldobin and a Conditional 2017 4th RD Pick

Conditions: 4th RD Pick could have became a 1st RD Pick had the Sharks won the Stanley Cup. It remains a 4th Rounder

LW Jannik Hansen

  • 15 regular season games: 2 goals, 5 assists, Even Rating, 51.8 CF%
  • 6 playoff games: 1 assist, Even Rating

W Nikolay Goldobin

  • 12 regular season games: 3 goals, +1 rating, 43.4 CF%

Trade Grade:

  • San Jose: B-; The Sharks need to get faster and they attempted to do so by acquiring Hansen.  They also need to get younger which they didn’t do by bringing a 31 year old in exchange for 21 year old Goldobin, who was the team’s 1st RD Pick in 2014. Hansen was pretty good for the Sharks but will need to be better for them next season.
  • Vancouver: A; Hansen wasn’t a member of the team’s core and didn’t have a place in the team’s rebuild.  They were able to flip him to the Sharks for talented prospect Nikolay Goldobin and a mid-round draft pick.  Goldobin has the potential to develop into a talented top six winger for the Canucks and has proven his ability to score at all levels

LW Thomas Vanek to Florida from Detroit for D Dylan McIlrath and a 2017 3rd RD Pick

LW Thomas Vanek

  • 20 regular season games: 2 goals, 8 assists, -7 rating, 45.0 CF%

D Dylan McIlrath

  • 21 games with Detroit’s AHL team: 0 goals, 4 assists, -3 rating
  • 2 AHL playoff games: 0 points, +1 rating

Trade Grade:

  • Florida: C-; This season helped save Vanek’s career by scoring 15 goals for the Red Wings in the first half of the season. That success wasn’t carried through to Florida as he failed to fit in with the Panthers.  Florida also still didn’t make the playoffs after acquiring him which was the biggest reason for making the trade. Luckily, they didn’t have to give up much to get him
  • Detroit: B+; Detroit was, once again, able to move an expiring contract and could still bring him back in the offseason.  A third round pick is very valuable to a team needing as many draft picks as possible

D Mark Streit to Pittsburgh from Tampa Bay/Philadelphia for a 2018 4th RD Pick

D Mark Streit

  • 19 regular season games: 1 goal, 5 assists, -2 rating, 17:06 average ice time, 51.8 CF%, 13 hits, 34 blocks
  • 3 playoff games: 0 goals, 2 assists, -1 rating, 15:03 ATOI, 3 hits, 4 blocks

Trade Grade:

  • Pittsburgh: B+; Pittsburgh needed as much depth on defense as possible and that’s what they got with Streit.  They only had to give up a 4th RD Pick for it and the Lightning/Flyers retained percentages of his contract in order to make the trade possible
  • Tampa Bay: B+; The Lightning had to take Streit back in return for Valtteri Filppula in their trade with the Flyers.  They were then able to move Streit to the Penguins. Just great transactions by a great GM in Steve Yzerman

*All stats came from Hockey-Reference.com and EliteProspects.com and contract/trade information came from CapFriendly.com*



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