Chapter 21

Muirin Project

Day 357, Galway of the O’Connor’s

Seamus awoke to knocking at his door. He rolled over and put the pillow over his head, it was not time yet. “Go away.”

“Sir, the Dowager Chieftainness requests your presence at breakfast.” A servant whispered through the door.

Seamus groaned. He wrapped himself up in a blanket.  It was unseasonably cold this morning. He looked at the fireplace, gray and dead. He walked softly to the door, Roisin stirred.

“Go back to sleep, my love, you need to rest.” Seamus said. He turned back to the door and opened it slightly. “What do you want? We’ve had no sleep this night.”

“I know, Sir.  But the Dowager Chieftainness demands that you come to breakfast. She was insistent.” the servant said.

Seamus made a face and looked back at Roisin. “Both of you, Sir.” the servant said.

Seamus cussed. “Are you serious?” Seamus asked…

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