Seattle Acquires Reliever David Phelps from Miami for Prospects

On Thursday, July 20, the Seattle Mariners bolstered their bullpen by acquiring right-handed reliever David Phelps in exchange for prospects OF Brayan Hernandez and RHPs Pablo Lopez, Brandon Miller, and Lukas Schiraldi.  Phelps was having a good season with the Marlins before the trade, with a 3.45 ERA and a 3.69 FIP in 47.0 innings across 44 games.  He also has not been plagued by the long ball as many other pitchers in baseball have been.  I am surprised that the Mariners traded for a relief pitcher as their bullpen has actually been pretty good.  They certainly have other needs that could be addressed, especially in the rotation.  I do wonder if there is a chance that the Mariners seek to use Phelps as a starter, something he has had experience doing in the past.  Either way, the Mariners gave up almost nothing in this trade and only Brayan Hernandez ranked as a top ten prospect in their farm system.  This trade does help the Marlins because Phelps wasn’t going to serve much of a purpose to the club this season or next, when he is eligible for arbitration.  Their farm system was also so poor before the trade that any prospects the can acquire in trades will help strengthen their system.

*All stats and information came from ESPN, Baseball Reference, Roster Resource, and Spotrac.


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