Hello to any potential readers out there, now or in the future:

My name is Kyle and I started this blog out on a different host before deciding to make the move to WordPress.  I initially started it as a way for me to publish my musings on sports, specifically hockey, baseball, and football.  I realized during college that I have a love for writing sports after having written a statistical analysis on the growth of hockey in Western Pennsylvania for my senior thesis.  I have always loved sports, playing, watching, and talking sports and have had a dream of working in the sports industry for much of my life.  After realizing that this dream may not be possible, I eventually came to the conclusion that hosting a blog may be the next best thing.

My first site started as a way to mostly talk about the sport currently in season – college and professional football in the fall, hockey in the winter, and baseball in the spring and summer.  However, after having written through a season of all of these sports, I realize that I was unintentionally making my blog more hockey centric than I thought it would be…but I’m okay with it.  Hockey is absolutely my favorite sport, I love playing it, watching it, and reading and discussing it.  I really enjoy all of the numbers that are involved in hockey and that makes for great writing material for me.  So, that is part of the reason I wanted to switch hosts for my site – to start taking the blog in a new direction.

My blog is now going to be baseball-driven.  I realized that by writing about all sports on one site I was spreading myself too thin and not really having a focus.  So I will operate this site by covering baseball headlines, roster moves, as well as previews/recaps and predictions.

I hope everyone enjoys my new direction.